Welcome to Atomic:Your Gateway to the Future of Entertainment!

Welcome to Atomic:
Your Gateway to the Future of Entertainment!

If you are thrilled by the technology of phasers, the elegance of lightsabers, and the might of groundbreaking new ideas, then we are your tribe. Atomic is a streaming playground for visionaries, a habitat for innovators, a docking station for disruptors, and a community for fans and creators of science fiction, fantasy, and all things futuristic. 

With Atomic, you’re not just streaming entertainment; you’re part of a community that celebrates the wonders of the unknown. Join and share your love of science fiction, fantasy and beyond.


Are You Ready To Go Atomic!

Whether you need a thrill or a laugh, Atomic is where it’s at. We bring our members engaging and exciting original content as well as classic and new content from all over the universe.

Travel to the furthest fringes of the galaxy in our action-packed space opera, Renegades. Or stop in for a martini and a laugh at Cozmo’s Thirsty Tentacle Bar and Grill, the seediest dive this side of Arcturus.

Check back often because we have a full slate of programming in development! 


Streaming TV for Techies, Trekkies, Geeks, Gamers and more!


Step into the future of Atomic with a glimpse into the visionary worlds and groundbreaking adventures coming soon!.


Monthly/Annual Atomic Squad Membership

Monthly/Annual Atomic Squad Membership

Unlock a universe of sci-fi, fantasy, and beyond. As an Atomic Squad member, dive into exclusive content, join lively discussions, and special events. Atomic isn't just streaming; it's a community celebrating innovation and the thrill of the future. Sign up and start your journey today!

Atomic Booster Lifetime Membership

Atomic Booster Lifetime Membership

As an Atomic Booster Lifetime Member, you'll enjoy perpetual access to all of Atomic's captivating content, member-only perks, and special events forever. Embrace a never-ending journey into imagination and discovery. Join once, and be part of the Atomic universe for a lifetime!

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Get the Future Delivered to Your Inbox!

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Grab Some Atomic Merch!

Grab Some Atomic Merch!

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APPS COMING VERY SOON!Watch anywhere, anytime!


Watch anywhere, anytime!

Stream content from all your devices, including your laptop, iOS, Android, or streaming boxes and TVs such as Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire.

Atomic is searching for visionaries!

Atomic is searching for visionaries!

We’re reaching out to compelling filmmakers and storytellers. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a professional, we’re interested in exceptional content creators with a smart, unique, and perhaps even a bizarre point of view of our world and the universe beyond. Click the button to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a membership plan?

Access to our free content, e-mail newsletter, and our community page. See the Membership Packages above for the various extra perks that come with higher tiers.

Can I use my mobile phone?

COMING SOON! The Atomic App will be available on Android and iOS. FInd it in the App Store and on Google Play very soon.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. There's no commitment and you can cancel any time!



Launch into the ever-growing universe of Atomic! Connect with fellow members to share memories, ideas, and knowledge, as you journey through our rich galaxy of sci-fi, fantasy, and futuristic wonders.

With Atomic, every moment is an opportunity for discovery and connection in a community as boundless as your imagination!