“Never give up, never surrender” is a great quote from a very funny sci-fi movie, Galaxy Quest. But I wanted to use that quote in today’s blog as it applies to a famous figure from the world of science: the legendary theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein. Because the key to Einstein’s success, believe it or not, was not solely his genius, but his persistence — his capacity to believe in himself and keep going, even when the world seemed to turn against him and his work.

Albert Einstein


Have you tried to sell yourself or your ideas and met with rejection? Well, trust me, you’re not alone. Einstein worked in a patent office for years because he couldn’t get anyone to hire him as a high school teacher. In hind sight that sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Meanwhile, he’d already written two papers on Relativity, including the one containing the most famous math equation of all time: E=MC2.

Today, it’s important to believe in the power of your imagination more than ever. If you’re optimistic and believe in the potential of the future and what our lives can be, then don’t give up too easily on yourself. Fight for your ideas. Take it from Albert: “Great Spirits have always met opposition from mediocre minds.” Never give up, never surrender!

Albert Einstein persistence