From Renegades to the Cozmos and Beyond!


Atomic has come a long way! First, we brought you ‘Star Trek: Of Gods and Men’  which got millions of views on YouTube. We then topped its success with ‘Renegades’, which our incredible fans helped make possible through our successful Kickstarter campaign. It’s due to the success of those projects that Atomic is able to grow and expand our catalogue of stellar content.


We have several exciting projects coming your way soon! We are trekkies at heart, but we are also “techies, geeks and gamers” as our slogan indicates. We know many of you feel the same.  That said, as our catalogue expands, so with the breadth of our subjects. Here’s a roadmap of the content on horizon:



July 17, 2018


Outer space - filled with elite scientists, engineers, and air force pilots. But what happens when the rest of us schmucks get there? It’s a new year and the future is a lot like now, only worse. Welcome to Floaters, exploring life in space for everyday folks with everyday problems.

Renegades Requiem  

Coming Soon!

Everything The Admiral has feared for the Confederation, begins to come to pass. As a secret cabal enacts plans for galactic dominance on a scale never before seen, The Admiral and his crack team of Renegades do everything in their power to stop them.


November 2018


Set in a “crossroads bar” on an alien planet that’s on the edge of a galactic war zone with a cast full of far-out characters including intergalactic spies, smugglers, bounty hunters, and even an interplanetary madam. The series will feature original art by legendary Star Wars artist Ralph MacQuarrie.



In 2009, an enigmatic genius known only as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ released Bitcoin, sparking a technological revolution that is on its way to disrupting the global financial system as we know it. SATOSHI will weave the mysterious and thrilling story of the cypherpunks behind the blockchain revolution, and bring us through the present into our decentralized future.


In addition to more exciting shows and feature films we have recently begun expanding the scope of our day to day content, as many of you may have noticed.  Being passionate about sci-fi, space, technology, and video games, there is so much to be excited about in 2018! It’s our ambition to share that passion with you and paint a vision of a more free and abundant future.


Just as the first projects of Atomic were made possible by our fantastic community, you all are foundational to our future success. If you’d like to support the future of Atomic, there is something you can do.


Liking and sharing our content on social media helps our brand grow and thus, will help us bring you more of the content you love.


Thank you, again, for your support. Live long and prosper.

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