The Cyborgs Among Us

    They’re hidden in plain sight. They’re shopping at our grocery stores, eating at our restaurants, going to our movie theaters, and walking in our parks. They’re our friends, family members, neighbors, and teachers.   Humans without pulses.   Humans who control bionic limbs with their minds.   Humans with additional senses, who can…

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4 Movie Technologies Driving Today’s Scientists and Engineers

Ever watched a sci-fi movie and seen some awesome technology that you felt like you just HAD to have? Well, many of today’s top scientists and engineers have felt the same way. And for some of them, seeing something on the screen was just the inspiration they needed to dedicate their lives to building it…

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5 Great Tech Innovators Who Were Inspired by Star Trek


In the middle of the 1960s, when at-home technology meant a color television, a vacuum cleaner, and maybe an automated dishwasher, “Star Trek” presented us a world of interstellar travel, advanced artificial intelligence, teleportation, and, of course, phasers. With entertainment like that, it’s no wonder that Trekkies grew up to become some of today’s greatest…

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