Top 5 Heartbreaking Sci-Fi Series Cancellations


Strap in, everyone! Today, we are heading down memory lane. We are going to talk about some of our favorite sci-fi television shows- shows that were cancelled too soon, breaking all of our hearts. Without further ado, here is our top 5 list of outstanding sci-fi series that got canceled. FireFly Oh, Firefly, the pain…

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Hollywood

artificial intelligence

We’ve all seen artificial intelligence depicted on the silver screen, but we rarely consider the impact it may have behind the scenes. The reality is that we are already using AI to some degree even in Hollywood right now, and it’s having a bigger impact than you’d imagine. Let’s talk about what artificial intelligence is…

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Will Space be Your Next Vacation Destination?


  It’s hard to believe that in the entire time we have been able to go into space that only 533 people have ever looked down at our planet from earth’s orbit. Yet, in the next few years all of that is about to change as after years of testing and preparation. Several companies are…

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Space Elevators – Going Up?

Space Elevators

They say that space is the final frontier, but when it comes to the area immediately surrounding our planet, we have that pretty much figured out. While interstellar travel is still beyond our grasp, we can send satellites and shuttles into orbit like it’s nothing.   Although we’ve mastered the art of putting ourselves into…

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From Renegades to the Cozmos and Beyond!


Atomic has come a long way! First, we brought you ‘Star Trek: Of Gods and Men’  which got millions of views on YouTube. We then topped its success with ‘Renegades’, which our incredible fans helped make possible through our successful Kickstarter campaign. It’s due to the success of those projects that Atomic is able to…

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The Rise of Esports


Ready or not, eSports have arrived and they are likely heading to a venue near you. If you’re not one of the over 150 million active or 130 million occasional viewers of eSports, then you’re probably scratching your head, wondering what in the world is eSports? For the uninitiated, eSports are multiplayer video games, generally…

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Blockchain is Actually an Unexpected Gift to Gamers


Look gamers, we get it.  Cryptocurrency mining is driving up the cost of pc gaming hardware and making it harder to access the high end components you’ve been pining over.  If you zoom out, though, you’ll see that blockchain is about to upgrade gaming industry itself. Here are some reasons to believe blockchain will be…

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Convergence: When CRISPR, Nanotech and Machine Learning Fuse


[CRISPR + Nanotechnology + Machine Learning = Cybernetic Healthcare] You’re a clumsy nurse in 2035.  Everyday you go to work full of anxiety.  You’re worried that you may accidentally prick yourself with a needle from an HIV patient, accidentally come into contact with the anthrax patient, or bump into that rack with the sketchy looking…

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