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Pay-Per-View and On-Demand

Each of our shows is offered in a convenient pay-per-view format. Pick up an episode and check out a new series, or if you like what you’ve watched purchase a season pass. And at Atomic, your purchases always go to produce future episodes of the series you’ve purchased. We like customers, but we love fans, and it’s the fans who help us keep the shows coming. And of our content is streamed to the device or display of your choice — watch it where you want it, when you want it.

$25 - One Year Membership

Become an Atomic Squad member! This level unlocks the Atomic Squad Collector's Pin, ongoing Text Alerts about important upcoming events, and our Weekly Newsletter! As a member of our Atomic Squad, you will ALSO be able to watch all Atomic Network content before it airs publicly!


$1,000 - Lifetime Membership

Grab our pre-launch LIFETIME membership special for $1,000! This level unlocks the Atomic Booster Collector's Pin, Text Alerts, and Weekly Newsletter, as well as the official Atomic Booster T-shirt and a lifetime membership to all our PPV content! In addition, becoming an Atomic Booster get's you on the A-list for invites to exclusive parties and events hosted by Atomic Network!



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