• $500 – $999 - Be Invited to Premiere Screenings (Travel Not Included)

  • $1,000 – $2,499 - Get a Special Thanks

  • $2,500 - $4,999 - Be an Associate Producer

  • $5,000 - $9,999 - Get a Host Shoutout

  • $10,000 - $19,999 - Be an Extra

  • $20,000+ - Have a Producer Lunch

Investors will be purchasing Class A Common Stock at a price of $5.00 per share with a minimum purchase of 20 shares.

Do you want to be part of the first viewer-owned streaming entertainment service?  Then join us at Atomic TV!  We cater to people like you – techies, Trekkies, geeks, and gamers. It’s a network YOU OWN, where the best in original and classic sci-fi and science fact programming created by fans for fans lives 24/7 – and you can be a part of making it happen!

Backed by industry all-stars, Atomic TV will be a destination for visionaries and the world’s first streaming network to inspire, enlighten, and entertain the dreamers and renegades of today and tomorrow.

Science fiction fans have been tragically underserved in Hollywood. It’s time for this to change! Atomic TV produces shows hosted and starring sci-fi and science fact celebrities and notables. Fans like you will not only be able to purchase shares, you will also be influential in shaping the future of this new entertainment network!

With shares starting at only $5 and a minimum investment of only $100, the time is now for you to join the Atomic TV team!

Review the perks and info below and download the corporate deck. When you’re satisfied that this is a great investment opportunity, you may purchase your shares by entering the amount in the field on the right.


Perks are additional rewards a shareholder receives in conjunction with their stock. The levels below depict the amount of stock purchase required to achieve those rewards.

All investments include a 3-month membership in AtomicTV upon launch of the streaming service.


  • $1,000 – $2,499

    "Special Thanks" credit on the show of your choice and the corresponding IMDB page.

  • $2,500 - $4,999

    "Associate Producer" credit on the show of your choice and the corresponding IMDB page.

  • $5,000 - $9,999

    Your name mentioned by the host of a show of your choice as a special thanks, along with credit and on the corresponding IMDB page.

  • $10,000 - $19,999

    Be an extra on a scripted show. Travel and accommodations are not included. Also, get an "Associate Producer" credit and on the corresponding IMDB page.

  • $20,000+

    Enjoy lunch with the producers on the day before shooting. Be an extra on a scripted show. Travel and accommodations are not included. Receive an “Associate Producer” credit as well as on the corresponding IMDB page.

Albert Einstein persistence


  • 1

    Fan Base - We currently have a database of over 55,000 fans and previous donors. This is a very dedicated fanbase, who we have brought together to produce sci-fi episodic and feature films via various crowdfunding platforms.

  • 2

    Growth - We currently have an agreement for 250 classic movies and television shows to begin our library. We will be creating original content and consistently adding to our library.

  • 3

    Sci-fi Actors - We currently have relationships with many iconic sci-fi stars from notable shows and movies, who have their own fanbases, and will star in our original content.

  • 4

    Celebrity Stockholders - Several notable actors from Star Trek: The Original Series presently hold stock, including Walter Koenig & Nichelle Nichols, as well as author Kevin J. Anderson, and several aerospace innovators.

  • 5

    Hollywood Producers - Sky Conway and Frank Zanca have been a part of over a dozen projects, many of which were in the sci-fi and supernatural genres that have aired on Fox, the CW, Hallmark, the BBC, and more.

  • 6

    Streaming Industry - There are currently several streaming services with new launches every year. Now is the perfect time to get into the market, especially with an unfulfilled niche in the sci-fi, technology, and science arenas.

  • 7

    Merchandise - Original AtomicTV programming will launch a line of high-quality merchandise based on our shows as well as working with licensors.

  • 8

    Longevity - As we create a loyal subscriber-base, we can continue to add new and exciting content to keep viewers coming back while enticing new subscribers.

  • 9

    Branded Content - In addition to our own ongoing productions like the Renegades series, Atomic Studios will seek branded content to base future shows and films around.

  • 10

    Additional Platforms - AtomicTV will begin as a website and cell phone app, but will quickly expand into Roku, Apple, and other devices that connect to a user’s television.

  • 11

    Recognition - When you become a shareholder, you can become a part of the production and even have your name in the credits of various shows. See the perks section to learn more about investor opportunities.

  • 12

    Communication & Feedback - Our producers and showrunners will be constantly and consistently replying to your questions and comments to ensure the highest quality programming. AtomicTV will always respond to the ideas and concerns of our shareholders. Join us in imagining a world of tomorrow, where our greatest achievements are just around the bend.


  • sky profile

    Sky Conway

    Founder and CEO

    “Sky” Douglas Conway is an award-winning producer, creator, screenwriter, author, futurist, attorney, and digital entertainment pioneer. One of Sky’s many talents is his ability to produce high-quality, crowd-pleasing, science fiction at a fraction of the cost of Hollywood studios and networks. A visionary filmmaker, Sky conceived, produced, and co-wrote, the highly regarded, Star Trek: Of Gods & Men.

  • alancrossnew

    Alan Cross

    Show Development & Television Writer

    Alan’s television writing and producing credits include: Star Trek: Enterprise, Weird Science, Dawson’s Creek, Desperate Housewives, as well as numerous network and cable television pilots.

  • square_cropped_Headshot_for_Comixology

    Frank Zanca

    Chief Financial Officer

    An award-winning screenwriter, novelist, and board game designer. Frank produced, and line produced several films and shows, including Star Trek Renegades and Six Gun Savior. He's written six novels and comic books such as the Destiny Aurora series.


  • square_cropped_Koenig_Comic_Con_Dallas

    Walter Koenig

    Walter Koenig is a superlative actor, director, screenwriter, novelist, acting professor, and comic book creator. Walter achieved enduring global fame with his iconic portrayal of Ensign Pavel Chekov in the original Star Trek television series.

  • Nichelle

    Nichelle Nichols

    Nichelle Nichols is a legendary actress, author, producer, singer, space activist, NASA Recruiter and spokesperson. She has a vibrant career in television and movies, spanning six decades. In 1966, her ground-breaking role as Lt. Nyota Uhura on the original Star Trek TV series brought her enduring, international fame.

  • Marina Circle

    Marina Sirtis

    A British-American actress best known for her role as Counselor Deanna Troi on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and the four feature films that followed, as well as other appearances in the Star Trek franchise and other sci-fi series, such as The Orville. Before her role in Star Trek, Sirtis was featured in supporting roles in several films. 

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Gary Graham

An American actor best known for his starring role as Detective Matthew Sikes in the television series Alien Nation and five subsequent Alien Nation television films. He had several guest-starring roles on Star Trek: Enterprise as the recurring character Ambassador Soval, Vulcan ambassador to Earth. He also guest-starred on Star Trek: Voyager, playing Ocampan community leader Tanis in the season 2 episode Cold Fire. He also played a the role of Ragnar, in the fan production Star Trek: Of Gods & Men and continued this role in Star Trek: Renegades.

David Brin

David Brin is a scientist, inventor, and New York Times, bestselling author. With books translated into 25 languages, he has won multiple Hugo, Nebula, and other awards. A film directed by Kevin Costner was based on David’s novel The Postman, with other works under option.


Kevin J. Anderson

Kevin J. Anderson was born and raised in the small town of Oregon, Wisconsin. He has written more than a hundred novels, several of which have appeared on national or international bestseller lists. He has over 20 million books in print in thirty languages. He has won or been nominated for numerous prestigious awards, including the Nebula Award, Bram Stoker Award, and more.

Ethan Siegel

Ethan Siegel was born in New York, majored in three different things as an undergrad, and got his Ph.D. in theoretical physics. After postdoctoral research focusing on dark matter and cosmic structure formation and a number of teaching stints, he became a physics professor at Lewis & Clark College and a professional science communicator.


Seth Shostak

Seth Shostak is the Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute in California and is part of the research team using large radio telescopes to search for evidence of intelligent life elsewhere. Seth has appeared on hundreds of national and international TV and radio shows, and is host of the SETI Institute’s weekly, one-hour radio show.


John E. Stith

Best Selling Science Fiction Writer and mystery author, known for the scientific rigor he brings to adventure and mystery stories.


Dr. Harry Kloor

Dr. Kloor is an American director, writer, scientist, film producer, and entrepreneur. He was the first person to be awarded two PhDs simultaneously in two distinct academic disciplines. He holds PhDs in Physics and in Chemistry, both earned at Purdue University.


Dr. Erin MacDonald

Erin MacDonald is an astrophysicist, aerospace engineer, and science fiction consultant. She hosts the YouTube channel, Dr. Erin Explains the Universe, teaches STEM through popular culture, and consults with science fiction creators.


Jeremy Solterbeck

Jeremy is a Post-Production Wizard, writer, director and all around techie geek.



Tristan Barnard

Tristan was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1978. In 2000, he began his career in the film industry as a camera assistant and locations assistant for US TV networks such as NBC, National Geographic and the History Channel. Since then he’s been employed by Paramount Pictures, Universal and Disney



Tobias J. Richter 

Tobias is a German CGI artist. He has created the covers for the VHS video release of Star Trek: The Next Generation in Germany and worked closely on several Paramount Pictures promotion elements throughout the years. It was through the acquaintance with the chief editor of the calendar series, Doug Drexler, that Richter was introduced into the world of the Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar series.

Dr. David Lieu

Dr. David Lieu is an assistant clinical professor of pathology at UCLA and founder and operator of Fine Needle Aspiration Medical Group in Alhambra, CA. In his free-standing FNA clinic, he performs over 2000 ultrasound-guided FNAs and core biopsies on mostly nonpalpable masses annually.

James Girardi

Serial entrepreneur, executive of DC-based IT firm, and director of Nova Labs, the country's premier Maker Space. James is also a creative and executive producer.


 Joshua Cole

Joshua is our legal Advisor and Business Development Consultant.




From the producers of Star Trek: Of Gods & Men, Star Trek: Renegades and Renegades: Requiem comes Atomic TV, the newest streaming channel for techies, Trekkies, geeks, and gamers. Imagine if you could have gotten in on the ground floor of Netflix 20 years ago. Now’s your chance to become one of the first shareholders in a streaming service that will be entertaining and informative, while creating new and original content that gives you screen time and credits in shows and features that you helped to get produced.


The Streaming Industry

In 2005, after being in business for only eight years, Netflix started to provide "on-demand" TV or video streaming services. The most significant factor distinguishing the streaming services from linear TV is the freedom to watch at your convenience. This rapid rise in streaming means that people have the ability to watch on any screen, such as mobile, laptop, or TV, and have a personalized experience, meaning that they can pause and stop watching at any time they choose. It’s like having a DVD or Blu-ray player packed with thousands of discs.


[expander_maker id="1" more="READ MORE OF THE STORY" less="SHOW LESS"]Fees for these services neared $20 billion in 2018, and virtually every platform gained subscribers and revenue last year as well. It’s not just consumers that are taking notice. Quality content has started to dominate SVOD. Streaming services have dominated the Emmy Awards over the past several years as well as some of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

As you can see by the chart below, revenues increased another $5 billion over the past 2 years from 1.12 billion users and subscribers. This upswing shows no sign of slowing down. More and more viewers are “cutting the cord” and cancelling their cable service and switching to one or more streaming services. More content, more convenience and, in many cases, higher quality original content.


Atomic is a mixture of classic shows and movies as well as original content, including both short-form and long-form. Sci-fi celebrities such as Tim Russ, Marina Sirtis, and Gary Graham will host the network’s short-form content as well as star in some of our scripted content.

Get ready to gain some insight into the future of technology and space exploration. Mars, get ready, cause here we come. Atomic’s original programming will keep you up to date on the next steps in the evolution of communication, robotics, and cloning.

With such advisory board members as Kevin J. Anderson and David Brin, Atomic is sure to produce some exciting scripted content in the science-fiction genre. Fan-favorite shows, like Renegades, will spearhead the host of scripted programming with an all-new cast of characters.

As fans of sci-fi, the producers of Atomic’s original content will strive to create some of the most engaging shows this side of the Milky Way. We will listen to you, the viewers, regarding comments and suggestions so that we can tailor our content to your wants and needs.

In addition, you can be part of the show, but adding your name to the credits or even being a guest to talk discuss your opinions about your favorite shows while you were growing up and what they meant to you.


What Are the Costs & Income Potential?

Startup costs will occur in the first stages of the business and will include the following:

  • Finalizing the website
  • Creating and securing the database
  • Producing original content
  • Acquiring an initial film &TV library
  • Marketing
  • Legal Fees
  • Accounting Fees
  • Salaries
  • Transfer Agent Fees
  • Merchandise Development


Startup costs are estimated to be approximately $250,000. Monthly fees will increase over the course of the year as new content is acquired and additional original content is produced. Of course, this means additional staff is necessary, increasing salary requirements.

Gross income is derived from subscribers, merchandise sales, and licensing. The initial monthly subscription fee will be $4.99 and will include three devices. Over the course of three years, and through a consistent and systematic marketing plan, the potential to acquire 250,000 subscribers may be achievable. These projections are based on a quarter of one percent of the overall market. The ability to garner a million or more subscribers may be more realistic over a three-year period, but we are maintaining minimal projections to illustrate the overall income potential.

These numbers are very conservative based on Netflix numbers over the past eight years. As you can see below, their numbers grew by millions per quarter. Even at these lower estimates, Atomic estimates profitability within a year of commencement.




Products based on our original programming will create another viable source of income. Over the years, our past projects such as Renegades and Cozmo’s have not only garnered a donor fanbase, but a large amount of merchandise has been created for purchase. These items have been sent to fans all over the world, who continue to order products based on our shows and features.

We will also be working with other companies, who will license our shows to create additional products beyond our purview, such as video games, action figures, and comic books.



Star Trek: Renegades starring Walter Koenig (Star Trek), Tim Russ, (Star Trek: Voyager), Sean Young (Blade Runner), Edward Furlong (Terminator II), Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager), Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena: Warrior Princess).

Renegades: The Requiem starring Walter Koenig (Star Trek), Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek), Tim Russ (Star Trek: Voyager), Corin Nemec (Parker Lewis Can't Lose), Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena: Warrior Princess).

Cozmo's starring Drake Bell (Disney's Drake & Josh), Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager), Ethan Phillips (Star Trek: Voyager), Claudia Christian (Babylon 5).


We live in a new age where the majority of people engage with their entertainment through mobile devices rather than television screens. Cable subscribers are dropping steadily, where lower-priced, easily accessible content through streaming services. Atomic is now joining this foray into the future with new original programming along with classic shows and movies that will make viewers feel nostalgic.

With new and innovative programming aimed at techies, Trekkies, geeks, and gamers, Atomic will create a platform that fills a niche. Investors can get in on the ground floor of this new startup brought to you by Hollywood producers who have worked in the sci-fi space for over a decade. Subscribers will flock to the platform bringing in thousands, snowballing into hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a short amount of time.



Make your investment today. Join us in bringing this streaming network to the virtual airwaves.

See you during the premiere!


Managed by producers with two-decades of experience, Atomic will stream classic shows and movies as well as cutting edge original programming. Our short-form shows are perfect for bite-sized viewing on mobile devices.

In five years, AtomicTV is projected to reach a million paid subscribers, thousands of hours in content, and at least twelve hours per week in original hour-long scripted-programming as well as dozens of hours per week of short-form non-scripted content.

Like many of you, the managers of this start-up are passionate about entertainment and telling stories. With this everchanging world of communication and media, the options for independent producers are widening. No longer are the studios and networks the gatekeepers for content. We plan on not only developing our own independent content but helping other talented writers and directors achieve their dreams as well.

The number of televisions owned by general consumers throughout the world that are connected to the internet grows every day. The number of Americans who own “smart” cell phones is now 81%, up from just 35% from a few years ago. These two statistics coupled together illustrate that
now is the perfect time to launch a venture such as this one, when the customer base is potentially millions.

We will be using our produced material for content. The producers also have a deal in place for 250 classic movies and television shows to act as the initial library for the streaming service. This gives new subscribers a great deal of content to watch as the library grows and original content is created.

Numerous streaming services are doing very well. Services such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Curiosity, Disney +, CBS All Access, and more have their own niche programming, just as AtomicTV will have our own. Our content will make us different, as well as our celebrities.

Revenue will be generated in two ways. Foremost, the subscription fees paid by viewers will be the company’s primary source of income. Based on a $4.99 monthly package, the company will create an ongoing residual income structure. The second facet of income is twofold: merchandise and licensing.. Merchandise will be created and purchased for our own shows and others. Licensees will purchase the rights to our shows to create additional products.

Failure would come purely from underfunding. Without original content, a growing library, and marketing, the company may not be successful. For AtomicTV to flourish, the aforementioned three factors need to have adequate funding to compete with some of the larger streaming networks. With proper marketing, a sufficient and compelling library, we will garner a fanbase. This would be similar to HBO's Soprano's or Game of Thrones, CBS's Star Trek franchise, and Disney+'s The Mandalorian - anchor shows that draw viewers, who will pay a monthly fee to watch them regularly.


Atomic Studios has financial statements ending August 31, 2019. Our cash in hand is $100, as of March 2020. Over the three months prior, revenues averaged $0/month, cost of goods sold has averaged $0/month, and operational expenses have averaged $0/month.

Unlike companies on the NASDAQ, early-stage startups have a little operating history. Financial analysis is not as useful when there is limited data. It's more important to predict the size of the future market. If the founder achieves their vision, will enough customers pay the company enough money?

It's also common for fast-growing startups to lose money even faster: they are investing in future growth. In these cases, it's often better to check if the cost of user acquisition (CAC) is lower than the lifetime value (LTV) of that customer. If one spends $1000 today to make $10,000 over the next five years, that may be a smart bet. Amazon is a famous example of re-investing potential profits to maximize growth over 20 years.


  1. If for some reason, outside of our control, a new technology is created, and people no longer watch shows via their mobile devices.
  2. Despite our best efforts, we are not able to procure subscriber-base numbers that are sufficient to pay overhead expenses and production costs.
  3. Marketing spending and targeting are extremely important in informing potential subscribers that AtomicTV is unique and open for business.
  4. Our future success depends on the efforts of a small management team. The loss of services of the members of the management team may have an adverse effect on the company.  There can be no assurance that we will be successful in attracting and retaining other personnel we require to successfully grow our business.
  5. If there are technical difficulties, and the AtomicTV website and/or streaming services gets hacked or goes down for any reason, for a prolonged length of time, we may lose subscribers and as a result, monthly income.



The Securities and Exchange Commission hosts the official Form 1-A on their EDGAR web site.



An offering statement regarding this offering has been filed with the SEC. The SEC has qualified that offering statement, which only means that the Company may make sales of the securities described by the offering statement. It does not mean that the SEC has approved, passed upon the merits or passed upon the accuracy or completeness of the information in the offering statement. You may obtain a copy of the circular in the link above that is part of the offering.

You should read the offering circular before making any investment. Securities offered through Atomic Studios, Inc. Disclaimer: private securities offerings may have a long holding period, be illiquid, and contain a high degree of risk. Investors must be able to afford the loss of all of their principal.


You should read the offering circular before making any investment. Securities offered through Atomic Studios, Inc. Disclaimer: private securities offerings...

Important Message

In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. Investments in our securities are speculative, illiquid, and involve a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

Investment opportunities posted and accessible through the site are of three types:

Potential investors are strongly advised to consult their legal, tax, and financial advisors before investing. The securities offered on this site are not offered in jurisdictions where public solicitation for offerings is not permitted; it is solely your responsibility to comply with the laws and regulations of your country of residence.


Contact our Management Team with any questions you might have.