Manhattan Transfer

New streaming series!

We, the creative team that brought you Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, Star Trek: Renegades, Renegades: The Requiem and InAlienable, are proud to announce our latest project - "Manhattan Transfer" - a thrilling new streaming series now in pre-production!

Mind-blowing Concept

Based on the Hugo Award Finalist Novel by John E. Stith, "Manhattan Transfer will tell the astonishing tale of a massive alien ship that "abducts" Manhattan - literally rips it out of the ground and brings it on board, along with its nearly 2 million inhabitants.


Why would aliens want to abduct Manhattan?  How are we going to discover what they have in store for us?  Are they going to attack us?  Are we some kind of cosmic zoo exhibit?  Or are we just dinner...?

And maybe most importantly, how do we function as a society when we're cut off from the rest of the world?  These are just a few intriguing concepts we'll be exploring in "Manhattan Transfer."


Provocative Pilot Episode

"Manhattan Transfer" is a thrilling 60+ minute pilot episode for a new science fiction streaming/cable series.

It will launch a powerful, provocative, classic science fiction series with a modern twist.  It's dystopic, but with a "sense of wonder" at the same time.  Humans will be challenged to use science and ingenuity to attempt to communicate with the aliens and escape their bizarre, seemingly impenetrable prison.  It's a tantalizing "what if" scenario unlike any sci-fi on TV today!


Our goal is to have a streaming service (Netflix, Amazon, Paramount Plus, Hulu, Apple TV, etc.) or cable channel (SyFy, AMC, FX, etc.) pick up the pilot and fund the series.

This stimulating pilot will serve as either a concept pilot, or the pilot episode itself.  If the pilot is not picked up by a streaming service or cable network, then our goal would be to raise independent finances via crowdfunding and equity funding to produce further episodes.


Stellar Hollywood Cast

The script has been completed, and we have already cast many of the major roles.

Joining our stellar cast are such first-class actors as Walter Koenig (Star Trek, Babylon 5), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda), Chalet Lizette Brannan (Dystopia, Renegades: Ominara), Gary Graham (Alien Nation, Star Trek: Enterprise), Dominic Keating (Star Trek: Enterprise), Bonnie Gordon (Star Trek: Prodigy), Robert Funaro (The Irishman, The Sopranos), Eve Mauro (Cypher, Age of the Living Dead), Sam Sorbo (Miracle in East Texas) and many more to be announced.


In addition to his acting duties, Walter Koenig will bring his extensive television and film experience to the project as a Producer!

Check out our IMDb Page:

Be a part of Manhattan Transfer!

We will soon be starting a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter, As always, it will feature a wide variety of donation amounts and rewards, such as looks behind the scenes, streaming videos, DVDs and Blu-Rays, maybe some t-shirts and posters, etc.


But... we'd like to give you - our loyal fans - the opportunity to "get in on the action" before anyone else and have access to some very special, limited early-bird rewards.

These donation amounts represent significant discounts over what we will list on Kickstarter, so support us now to get in on some awesome rewards, plus save some $$ in the process!



One-on-one Zoom call with Walter Koenig!  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to know Star Trek icon Walter Koenig!  You'll have a 30-minute exclusive one-on-one Zoom call with Walter, where you can ask about Star Trek, his acting, writing and producing career, his favorite restaurant maybe - whatever you'd like to talk about (as long as it's appropriate, of course).  He has some amazing stories to tell, and you can get them all first hand, up close and personal.  Dates/times of the individual sessions are TBD and will be dependent on the pilot's shooting schedule.  Limited to only 3 rewards - first come first served.  Donation $1000. 

Associate Producer Credit!  Get your start in the business!  You will receive Associate Producer credit in the end titles and in IMDb, plus you'll get to meet the cast and crew as you visit the set for a day.  Day/date for set visit to be worked out between you and the production team and will be dependent on the pilot's shooting schedule.  Transportation and lodging not included.  Limited to 10 rewards - first come first served.  Donation $2000

Walk on role!  Be a "featured extra" in the pilot.  You will not be a small face in the crowd that no one can see - you'll be right in the frame with some of the stars of the film.  Plus, you'll get your name in the credits and in IMDB!  You must be available for specific shooting dates in the LA area (TBD January 2024) and transportation and lodging not included. The specific scene/character/costume in which you appear is up to the discretion of the production team.  Limited to 5 rewards - first come first served.  Donation $4000

Want to be more involved?  Apart from these and the rewards listed in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, we will also be doing equity funding through  You can be an investor in our project and get a possible return on your investment!  More details on equity funding coming later.

Stay Tuned!

More information on "Manhattan Transfer," casting, production schedules, our Kickstarter campaign and equity funding coming soon.  Thank you for being a loyal supporter of our sci fi projects!

The "Manhattan Transfer" team

Note: at the moment, there is a lot of uncertainty with the SAG-AFTRA and WGA negotiations.  However, we are a completely independent production company not affiliated with any studio, and we have signed an Interim Agreement for Independent Productions with SAG.  This means our production - and our actors - while standing firm with SAG-AFTRA, are able to continue with this project during the strike!