Frank Kelly Fraes ‘Uhura’ 8″×10″ Unsigned Print


Size 8″x10″

Unsigned Print

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About the artist Frank Kelly Freas: 

Known as the “Dean of Science Fiction Art” with 10 Hugo Awards as Best Professional Artist and countless other awards, Frank Kelly Freas was the most popular and prolific science fiction artist with a career that spanned fifty years. He has illustrated stories by the most famous science fiction writers in the world.  He’s also done covers for record albums, most notably “Queen: News of the World”.


About the artwork:

The first Star Trek convention was held in New York in January of 1972.  The convention commissioned  Frank Kelly Freas, to create portraits of the Seven Officers of the Deck for their convention program book.  Kelly said that Nichelle Nichols was so pleased with her portrait making her look like a pinup girl that she gave him the biggest hug.  Kelly joked that not so pleased was George Takei because Kelly had painted him with Bruce Lee’s torso.  George complained that because of that painting he could never take off his shirt in public and stopped speaking to Kelly for seven years.  All in good fun, though.  He was only joking.  Nearly 50 years later these images are still very popular with the fans.


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