Prequel Novel Renegades COMBO!


The Judas War and Judgement – Both novels autographed by Author Sky Conway

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Prequel Novel Renegades: The Judas War

Autographed by Author Sky Conway!

Before the events of Renegades there was the thrilling, mysterious Judas War. Now you can learn the whole story in the prequel novel Renegades: The Judas War.

The year is 2387, and the Confederation is threatened by a faceless entity bent on the destruction of everything they hold dear: exploration, equality and freedom. A secret cabal of high-ranking officials launches their first attack as they embark on an agenda designed to fracture the very foundation of the Confederation…and set the galaxy on the path toward genocidal war.

Caught in the middle of the conflict is Lexxa, First Officer of FleetCom’s newest destroyer, the Icarus. Thrust into a life she never wanted, she finds herself betrayed and sabotaged at every turn. And is the Confederation even worth saving? Written by Micheal Koogler and Sky Conway

If you love Renegades, we think you’ll love this look at Lexxa’s earlier adventures, and we’re proud to offer this prequel tale to you.

Mr. Koenig is a film legend through and through.


Prequel Novel Renegades: Judgement

Autographed by Author Sky Conway!

A year has passed and the Confederation teeters on the brink of annihilation.

Lexxa Singh commands the Icarus where she and her crew of outlaws and renegades have managed to live a life free from the constraints of the Confederation and its laws.

But her nightmares about killing the Admiral have never ceased and when the Icarus is suddenly attacked by an unknown enemy, she finds herself drawn back into the web of deceit, chaos, and terror the Cabal has woven throughout the Confederation over the years.

Only this time, there is no escape.


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