Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701-D (Ready Room) Lithograph

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Just in time for Christmas and in the midst of the hype for Captain Picard’s imminent return, we’re excited to offer you a chance to own or gift a piece of Star Trek history.  We have a small collection of 26 year old, limited edition and certified authentic reproductions of the very painting that graced the walls of Captain Picard’s Ready Room.   It’s become one of the most sought after Star Trek collectibles, so this opportunity won’t last long.

This piece was painted by Andrew Probert and Rick Sternbach. Andrew was the original designer of the the Enterprise D for Gene Roddenberry. Rick is a legendary illustrator best known for his years of art design on Star Trek.  Andrew and Rick hand-signed and numbered the series, which was named “Star Trek Art Form The Final Frontier”.

Atomic Network Founder and CEO Sky Conway published this print in 1993 and it sold out almost immediately.  He retained only a small collection of the 1,950  certified authentic lithographs and the rest have rarely been sold on secondary markets.  So, it’s unlikely you’ll find these anywhere else.



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