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This time, it's not The Muppets!

This time, it's not The Muppets!

In this compelling series, the entire city of Manhattan is ripped from the surface of the Earth and placed under a huge, clear dome. The trapped residents can see dozens of similarly trapped alien cities, but are clueless as to the aliens’ purpose. As the captives plot their escape, they discover the worst is yet to come. Is this some sort of cosmic zoo exhibit, part of a scientific experiment, or perhaps (gasp) fresh groceries for aliens? As the humans attempt to break out of their prison to make some sense of their new world and communicate with other civilizations on the plain, they soon discover that their kidnappers aren’t the aliens they really have to worry about.

Who is Satoshi?

Who is Satoshi?

“SATOSHI” the movie is a fictionalized account of Hal Finney, a brilliant cryptologist who befriends the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto and helps create “Bitcoin,” a revolutionary technology that fundamentally disrupts the traditional financial industry and establishes the world’s first global decentralized internet currency not controlled by any government or bank.

In SATOSHI, you’ll meet a teenage rebel, an endearing family man, and a genius cryptographer. They’re all the same man: Hal Finney – a visionary futurist and legendary cypherpunk, who embarks on a life-altering journey after befriending one of the most elusive mystery men of the 21st century.


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