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Atomic is searching for visionaries. We’re reaching out to compelling filmmakers and storytellers. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a professional, we’re interested in exceptional content creators with a smart, unique, and perhaps even a bizarre point of view of our world and the universe beyond. 

From small productions on a shoestring budget to blockbusters like Renegades, our ever-expanding library of exclusive content will become a welcome home for futurists, dreamers and doers, the artists who decide where sci-fi takes us next.


Specifically, we’re looking for short form documentary-style content, 5 to 30 minutes in length, or narrative content of any length, shot with high-quality production values. (1080P or 4K) We want to stock our exclusive Atomic library with entertaining fiction and science-fact films celebrating new technology, futurism, innovative gadgets, space exploration, exo-planets, biology, Aliens, robotics, quantum computers, artificial intelligence, telepathy – even the prospect of achieving immortality in the digital realm.

Atomic also needs content to appeal to genre fans: Documentary-style reports (product reviews, interviews with creators) showcasing the world of video games, role-playing games, sci-fi collectibles, sci-fi television, Marvel movies, Fantasy films, Horror films, Animation, cosplay creations, convention experiences -- the best of today’s geek and pop culture. 

Finally, to all the visionary content creators who are reading these words, welcome!You’ve just found your new home at Atomic. 

Finally, to all the visionary content creators who are reading these words, welcome!

You’ve just found your new home at Atomic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my content?

Email the address below with the details about yourself and the content you wish to submit.

What's in it for the creators?

It is really a case by case scenario. Once we know more about your content and your goals we will be able to answer this one better.  

Do I still own my work??

Yes! You will retain the rights to your own content. There may be cases where rights are purchased, but otherwise you are free to remove your content from the site should you want or need to. We are happy to have you aboard, however long that may be.